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Built somewhere between 1912 and 1915, the title company averaged its year of construction to 1914.

This is the house as it was when we bought it. They had slapped on a fresh coat of paint on the front of the house, and not much else. They had left the window and door on the left side of the front of the house completely drywalled and boarded up on the inside.

The previous owners hadn't lived in the house for over a decade. They had let friends live in the house, with the agreement that in return for no rent, the occupants would maintain the up keep of the house. These occupants had a different idea of maintenance than most of us, as you can note from the security door installed at the back of the house.  This one was too difficult to unlock from the outside. 

There were a few issues with the roof.

An elastomeric foam roof (after the first two shingle roofs we put on the house blew off in the devil winds), a fresh stucco job and new front door have given the house a fresher look.

You can see that we have opened up the sealed door and window, also. If you look closely, you can see shutters leaning inside the windows, which we plan to use inside instead of curtains.

At the bottom , you can see Jim and the painter. The house has been painted a very light gray and will have white trim with maroon accents.

The trim hasn't been painted yet, as once we get the interior complete, Jim will replace the front porch. It will have a tongue and groove floor and ceiling, and we will likely face the lower with lattice.

The columns themselves may need a little work.

We also need to balance the front steps, as they seem to have been progressively narrowed as they deteriorated. The occupants had added the center "column," which is just a 4x4. We haven't decided if we will center and put in a new column, or go back to the double wide steps in front.

Here is Jim looking understandably proud. He has done at least 90% of the work on this house himself. The competent labor force in Superior is all over booked, so Jim stepped in to get it all done right.

So, it is taking us longer, especially with me as an "all thumbs" assistant.  But we will get there.

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Page last updated June 6, 2009
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October 19, 2006