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My Dad
A Tribute in Memorial

It's a long and busy page, but everything on it is worthwhile, I promise. Forgive my sloppy cropping and hit or miss editing.

It is such a pity that we do events like funerals only after the person whom we celebrate is gone.
Dad would have loved his funeral, inspite of the fact he'd grumble we were making too much fuss.
He would have loved to be there, and loved to have seen each and every person that came.

My Remarkable Dad

Please email me at for copies of any of the photos in this movie.
Please visit to learn more about this marvelous print by Michael Birawer.
People wondered why we had a print of a liquor store on display at the funeral. Dad's office was second floor, third on the left.
My brother and I each have a copy of this great print.
John's copy hung where Dad could see it evey day.

Thanks to Robyn Bryant for her words of wisdom on making the movie.

Many of the articles have incorrect dates written on them..... Great Aunt Rose did the best she could trying to remember.
I go with the 1944 dates from the Bunker Hill Year Book, and the signed citations from Secretary of the Navy Forrestal.
I figured he'd know.

Download and read The Bunker Hill Year Book excerpt. Pages 132 and 201 are of particular interest.
What I missed including was that "the crew nearly fainted when Bertie returned and
was found to have expended less than 200 rounds of ammo on his mission."

I was waiting to be struck by lightining in the church for videoing the eulogy,
When I realized I wasn't going to be struck at all, I turned on the camera on at the cemetery, but I missed the first 7 of the 21 guns.
I did the best could, and Mom is happy with the video. What more could I ask?


Holy cow. I can't get anyone to admit taking the above picture, they all swear it was my dad. Thanks to Jim Crowley for this one!

My Dad  

Naval Hero
Click the picture or article to read more from the archives of Eau Claire Memorial High School

To know the whole "official story," download and read The Bunker Hill Year Book excerpt. Pages 132 and 201 are of particular interest.

I was not the first person to consider my Dad a hero.

But this article below also explains why, at the time of his heroism,
he was one of the oldest ensigns in the U.S.Navy.....


My uncle Jim was there long before I was, and he knew.
I wish I knew what happened to the revised version the teacher asked for...

Of course, Gramma had to take him out for his "Bing Crosby" glamor shot.
Told the photographer, "just make him look like Bing Crosby"

My Dad got all the commendations possible:

This was the temporary citation, issued to hold him over
until the Secretary of the Navy could sign the actual citation.



Soap Box Derby in Superior, Arizona June 9, 2007
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